Mercer County couple concerned about neighbor’s trash

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BRAMWELL, WV (WVNS) — Susan and Ron Guillon moved to a farm in Bramwell for a peaceful retirement. But 28 years later, there is a whole lot of trash in their way.

“The main concern right now is the junkyard that’s up there. He’s got about 40 cars up there,” said Sue.

The couple owns multiple properties on their road. But they are worried their only neighbor may hinder their chances of starting a bed and breakfast.

“People will have to go by his property to get to my property. And it’s devaluing our property. We have three houses here. We own the one that’s right next to him. We tried to sell it and nobody would buy it because of his junk,” Sue said.

We looked up the neighbor and found a listed phone number. When we tried calling to get his side of the story, the number was disconnected.

The Guillon’s did reach out to Mercer County Litter Control for some answers. Joshua Parks is the Mercer County litter control officer.

“If I respond to a complaint like the one on Shinbrier, typically we give them notice of violation. It’s just a warning saying they are in violation of state litter laws. We give them a specific amount of time to get everything cleaned up. If they do not get it cleaned up in the specified amount of time, then I issue citations,” Parks said.

This situation is not unique to the Guillon’s. It is a widespread issue in Mercer County. Property trash can pose health risks and multiple dangers. It also takes away from the beauty of Mercer County.

“Trashy property decreases land value, property value. It kind of hinders our push for Mercer County being a prime tourist destination,” Parks said.

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