Officials provide tips to those going turkey hunting

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — People are grabbing their guns and setting off to hunt turkeys. Flat Top Arms President Ronnie Wood said these male gobblers can make for an interesting catch. He provided a few tips to keep in mind when shooting a bird.

“Never point the muzzle of a firearm at something you do not intend to shoot. You always, and I’ll repeat, always, know your target. Be able to identify it and see what it is,” Wood said.

Wood said that if you cannot physically see the bird, do not shoot at all. As for hunters, there are ways to easily be seen by other hunters when moving through the woods, such as wearing blaze orange over their camo. Wood said to not leave the house in colors like red or white.

“Turkey’s heads can be red when they’re gobbling and so forth, and so it will also have a white skull cap. Those are colors to avoid. Those are the ones hunters are looking for,” Wood said.

He said to make yourself known when approaching a new area, because you never know if someone is hiding out there.

“Make yourself known, I’m a human. I’m not a bird. Let’s get after this and see that we don’t have these mistakes. It’s negligent, it’s unnecessary, and we’re the people who can change that,” Wood said.

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