Peak RSV season is here, how to protect your baby

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Kateland Daniels and her husband were so excited to learn they were pregnant with a baby boy.

“The first thing my mom said was ‘oh no he’s going to be born during flu and RSV season,'” Daniel said.

Her family feared that Asher would end up hospitalized like the estimated 57,000 children that are each year, due to respiratory syncytial virus. Luckily, Kateland’s mother is a pediatric nurse, so she knew what she had to do to keep her baby safe.

“She immediately bought me this sign that goes on his car seat that says don’t touch me, your germs are too big,” Daniel said.

Although the sign may seem extra cautious, Dr. John Johnson with Beckley Pediatrics agreed with her tactics.

“So, I tell my moms of newborn babies, under six weeks of age, if people aren’t making fun of you for being over cautious, you probably aren’t being cautious enough,” Johnson said.

RSV is contagious and common. So common, that virtually every child catches the virus by the age of two. It’s symptoms usually resemble the common cold, like a runny nose or cough. But in very young infants, the disease can be deadly.

“And it can bring us on to pneumonia, and something called Bronchiolitis which is swelling in the airways, and they could swell up so much that can cause difficulty breathing or even them to stop breathing,” said Johnson.

Kateland is a teacher and around germs all day long, so she washes her hands before ever touching Asher. Dr. Johnson says everyone should be doing the same, if they are coming in contact at all with an infant. He also says only the immediate family should ever kiss the baby. And if your infant’s cold symptoms become worse, bring them to your pediatrician. Small things like this could save your baby’s life.

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