How the City of Beckley handled 2018’s high snow and rain amounts

Raleigh County

Not only did the region see above average snowfall totals last year, but 2018 was the second rainiest year on record for Beckley.

It is the duty of the Board of Public Works to keep the streets of Beckley safe when the weather creates driving hazards. 59News spoke with Jerry Stump, the Director for the Board of Public works, about how he and his employees were able to tackle the road conditions last year.

Stump said his team was able to stay on top of the snow last year because although it was unusually high, it did not all fall at once. 

“I’ve got 520 streets that we clear and it’s about 114 miles of road that we take care of just in the city limits.” Stump said. “You get like, 3 feet of snow, you’re pretty much paralyzed for a while. Where if you get 5, 6, 8 inches along the way or 10, like we had and then you get a pretty good time where it doesn’t snow, it doesn’t seem like it’s as bad.”

They also team up with the Stormwater Department of the Sanitary Board to minimize flooding impacts and high water during heavy rainfall events.

“We’ll go around and we’ll clear off catch basins, the drop inlets where the water goes and try to help them out with those,” Stump told 59News.

Stump mentioned the timing, once again, was one of the factors that helped them stay on top of keeping high water off the roads in Beckley.

“It seems like it came in increments where we haven’t had a lot of flooding in this area. I know other places have,” Stump said.

Stump also mentioned the board just acquired two additional snow plows to use this year, and he is confident they are prepared for whatever wild weather 2019 brings.

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