Motorcyclists at risk when grass clippings are left on road

Raleigh County

If not done properly, mowing your grass can become a hazard to motorcyclists. Grass clippings left on the road are as dangerous as a sheet of ice forming on the road. Skyler Sallee with United Cycle said this is because grass and the grass clippings are made up of mostly water. 

“So when you get on the road and hit it, obviously you can lose traction and slide and slip, and even lose speed. Especially with turns, you don’t want that, because when you’re coming in hard and hit grass clippings and slide, it’s kind of game over for you.” Sallee said. 

Injury or even death can result if a motorcyclist slips on grass clippings. Sallee said anyone on the roads should be aware of their surroundings. The next best piece of advice he gave is to wear safety gear.

“I just recommend wearing protective gear. Like myself, and most of my friends here, wear all leather pinestar gear. We all wear ECE helmets, to help avoid that,” Sallee said. 

Simply raking up those grass clippings could prevent accidents and stop law enforcement officers from becoming involved. It is also illegal in many areas to leave those clippings lying on the road. 

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