Motorcyclists urge yard workers to clear roads of any debris

Raleigh County

As the cooler fall season inches closer and closer, Shari Crookshanks is using every opportunity to take out her Honda Goldwing for a spin.

“I ride her to work every possible chance,” Crookshanks said. “They laugh at me. They tell me I will get caught in the rain. No. I’m there. I’m riding.”

At the same time, drier conditions throughout the week of September, 17, allowed homeowners to finally get some yard work done. Believe it or not, something as simple as mowing the lawn could be dangerous for bikers. 

Whether it is gravel, mulch, or freshly cut grass clippings, Crookshanks said any road debris can cause bikers to lose traction during wet conditions.

“I’m very nervous,” Crookshanks said. “The grass is damper… You hit your brakes, you’re going to slide… The bad thing is with a motorcycle, you’re going to go down or you’re going to go over the handlebars. You’re going to sustain a injury, whether it’d be minor, or severe, or fatal.”

Crookshanks and other bikers ask their neighbors to use leaf blowers or lawn bags as a common courtesy to keep everyone safe.

“Push it to the shoulder. That’s all we ask,” Crookshanks said. “We love to ride and we want to ride. We don’t want to be laid up in the hospital.”

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