Second amendment talks concerning Mercer County gun owners

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PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — Kurt Snyder is proud to call himself a gun owner, nut with all the recent unrest involving firearms, some changes could be coming. Changes he said he is concerned about.

“Every American I think has the God given right to own a weapon if they so choose. Some people don’t want to but if you decide you want to have a weapon for protection, I think you should have it,” Snyder explained.

Questions about carrying a firearm outside of your home is the latest case to hit the Supreme Court.

“The amendment should cover everywhere not just your home. Because most people work, they’re only home at night, you have to go to stores and different places, you should be able to protect yourself anywhere you go,” said Snyder.

He said he is okay with some changes to firearm legislature.

“As far as like mental health and situations like that, I think a lot of times the information isn’t passed along fast enough. The place we call to get approval I think sometimes maybe they don’t have that information they need to make a decision. That part I feel could probably be strengthened, that needs to change there,” said Snyder.

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