Smokers more at risk for having COVID-19 complications

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — COVID-19 is an upper respiratory illness that affects your lungs. It is something that Dr. Johnny Walker with Access Health in Beckley said smokers need to keep in mind. 

“So anything that’s going to affect lungs will affect the smoker and their lungs much more significantly than it would a non-smoker just because they’re starting off in a place of having less healthy lung tissue to work with,” Walker said.

Walker said that can cause smokers to be more at risk for having complications if they were to get the virus. Many symptoms associated with COVID-19 can become severe and dangerous to a smoker’s health.

“The cough can be more severe, you can be more prone to developing pneumonia, things along those lines. Really it’s just severe respiratory symptoms,” Walker said.

Dr. Walker said the best way to keep yourself safe and prevent getting sick is to follow CDC guidelines.

“Good handwashing, know to wear a mask if you’re going out and into a grocery store or anywhere you have to be and to make sure you are staying home for anything less than essential services,” Walker said.

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