Tips to keep you from getting stuck in snow

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — While snow can be beautiful, it can also be dangerous to drive in. George Sweetser works as the supervisor at Glen’s Towing. He said it is best not to stop the car when you get stuck.

“You don’t want to stop. You want to keep the throttle steady, and just try to ease through it,” Sweetser said.

Easing your car through the snow will do less harm than trying to speed through it. Sweetser said something else to be mindful of when driving through the snow is trying not to slide.

“The biggest thing is when you’re sliding or starting to skid, depending on which way you’re facing downhill or uphill, if you’re facing downhill you don’t want to just jam on the brakes. If you’re starting to spin, you want to ease into the brakes so you don’t really slide,” Sweetser said.

Keep a charger in the car to keep your cellphone charged in case you need to call for help. Cat litter can be essential to help with traction on car tires. People should also keep a blanket in their cars if they do end up stuck in a ditch. Sweetser said trying to push the car or move it yourself will make things worse.

“The vehicle could slide and it may take you with it,” he said.

Always call for help in those situations. Towing services are available to help if you are ever in a bad position after trying to drive in bad weather.

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