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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Whether you were speeding or ran a red light, getting pulled over can be intimidating and nerve wracking. What you may not realize, it’s also pretty scary for the trooper or officer who is pulling you over.

Jonathan Morton is a trooper for West Virginia State Police and completes about 10 to 15 traffic stops a day.

“Troopers ask that when you do get pulled over, you put your hazard lights on, roll down your window, and keep your hands on the wheel where they can see them for their safety and your own,” Morton said.

They are putting their own lives in danger to make sure our roads are safe. But there are a few things the public can do to make sure a traffic stop goes smoothly. Troopers ask that when you do get pulled over you:

  • Safely pull as far right as possible.
  • Keep your seat belt on.
  • Wait to reach for your license, registration, and insurance until the officer approaches your car.
  • Turn on your dome light.
  • Roll down your window.
  • Put on your hazard lights.
  • Keep your hands where they can see them.

“You shouldn’t make a lot of movement, whenever we’re coming up to the car. When you do go to grab your registration, license and insurance, tell the officer. Let him know what you’re reaching for. If there is a weapon in the car, make sure to let them know that there is a weapon in the car, where it’s at and if you’re going to get it. Or they might have you get out and they get it, just the officer discretion,” Morton said.

The most important thing to remember is that officers are only trying to do their job.

“We’re here to do a job for the people. Ultimately traffic enforcement is for the safety of everybody else on the road, including the driver,” said Morton.

So when you do see those flashing lights, or here that siren, stay calm and follow these tips.

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