Mercer County

Drivers dealing with speed limit changes on I-77

Camp Creek (WVNS) - Law enforcement officers gave drivers on Interstate 77 a break as they get used to the new speed limit in the Camp Creek area.

The speed limit along a dangerous stretch of highway on Interstate 77 was lowered at the end of April to mkae the turnpike a little safer. The section of interstate now requires drivers to slow down to 60 miles-per-hour to help prevent accidents in the mountainous area.

Numerous accidents have caused deaths and injuries in the area over the past few years, and tractor trailers crossing over the median have been a common catastrophe for the highway.

"Once they recognized the increase in number of crashes there that was the most immediate change that they could implement to try to reduce crashes in that area," Cpl. C.M. Duke with the West Virginia State Polioce said.

No serious accidents have happened in this stretch of highway since the reduced speed was posted.

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