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New Video Game Trailer Based in Post Apocalyptic West Virginia

- The trailer for Fallout 76 debuted at the video game conference E3 over the weekend. The game takes place in an alternate future, in which nuclear bombs are unleashed.

The game will feature real life places in West Virginia, including the The New River Gorge Bridge and The Greenbrier Resort.

You play as a survivor, who emerges from Vault 76 in West Virginia, with the goal of rebuilding the human race. In addition, it will also feature creatures based on West Virginia Mythology including the phantom of Flatwoods and the Mothman.

 "We have locations like Camden Park, The Greenbrier; we saw the New River Gorge Bridge in it, and it's just fantastic and I've been so busy today with just taking phone calls and people reserving the game," Gamestop employee, Andrew Mooney, said.

Fallout 76 comes out November 14, 2018. You can reserve your copy of the game at your local gaming store.

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