ATHENS, WV (WVNS) – Every year, thousands of citizens leave home to serve their country.

In honor of these sacrifices, many events are held to give thanks and recognition. Some organizations go above and beyond to offer special services for our veterans.

Concord University hosted a ‘Veterans Day Event’ on November 9, 2023. The event started at 11 in the morning in the University Chapel with a lunch that was provided after.

Former Telecommunications Specialist, Brian Henry, traveled to Concord to share his story of serving in the military and how he is involved locally with Beckley Veterans Affairs.

George Williams, Professor and Veterans Advocate for Concord University, said Henry is a remarkable person.

“He is a ‘Veterans Experience Officer’ at the Beckley VA Hospital. He’s amazing. His background is incredible, he’s done all kinds of different things. He is a veteran himself of course. Basically, his job at the VA hospital is to solve problems. Any time a veteran has problems with medical care they can contact Brian and he does everything he can to help them” said Williams to 59News.

A large number of Concord University students come from a family of veterans.

‘The Office of Veterans Services’ at Concord University offers students who are veterans and students who come from a veteran family many benefits.

Williams says ‘The Office of Veterans Services’ helps students with anything they need.

“We have the ‘Office of Veterans Services’. We have a nice lounge with computer workstations and that sort of stuff. We have mentoring programs, tutoring programs in place. Pretty much anything the veteran needs to help them succeed we try and get it for them” said Williams.

Many people gathered to hear Brian Henry’s story and his life after service.

Concord University not only offers services to veterans, but a chance to hear and recognize someone who made the ultimate sacrifice.