BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) — It’s no secret that the Mountain State is suffering from a substance abuse epidemic.

Recovery can be a hard road, and people in that stage try to find alternatives to help themselves when they have a problem, but have they ever considered 12 Step Yoga?

Melanie Hosier, a 500 plus hour trained Yoga teacher, who teaches at Bluefield FitRec and at Bluefield University has been offering a closed class 12 Step Yoga program that is opened to just recovering addicts and people who need the help and are going through the steps.

“I had alcoholism in my family as I grew up so I’m just very passionate about doing what I can to help somebody, especially in that situation,” said Hosier. “And you never know what is going to click with somebody and is going to help them in their recovery.”

Hosier describes the classes as a yoga faith classes, which helps the recovering addict or person in the recovering steps challenge their mind and body in a positive way.

“This is actually a faith-based program, said Hosier.” “It’s through yoga faith and the guys come in about 9:30 A.M. on a Saturday morning. I do it once a month, and we go through half an hour of like an AA class, and we go through the steps and different things like, what kind of virtues would you need to get through that step? Things of that nature, and then the last 30 minutes we do actual yoga, so it gives them the opportunity to work their brain as far as going through the steps maybe going back over steps that they’ve already completed and then gives them options to also take care of their body to learn how to stretch in different ways and how to challenge their body.”

Although there may be other alternatives, Hosier’s alternative is incredible for the mind and body for a recovering addict to heal and become a productive member of society once again.