FAYETTEVILLE (WVNS) – The New River Gorge Bridge is one of West Virginia’s most historic sites. Every year, thousands of people gather on the bridge to celebrate its beauty and vast history. Although many adults come to the festival, some children are witnessing this great event for the first time.

Throughout the day, many kids heartily enjoyed the festival and what it had to offer.

Many kids from West Virginia visit the event every year, but for some, this is their first time. 

A family from Baltimore, Maryland also came to West Virginia and Bridge Day for the first time. The family’s son, Cole, said what he has seen so far in West Virginia is very different from home.

“A lot of trees, like a lot more, and I guess, it’s not city…it’s not a bunch of buildings everywhere,” he said.

Cole and his family also participated in the Bridge Day 5k Run and are enjoying the day so far.