Active Southern West Virginia hosts ultimate frisbee game in Fayette County


FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS)– As our clocks sprung forward on Sunday Mar. 8, 2020 people also sprung into action to play ultimate frisbee at the football field behind the old Fayetteville Elementary School.

The beautiful weather made it feel like the groundhog was right predicting spring early, which is why Veronica Crosier with Active Southern West Virginia said they decided this game was a great way to get people outdoors.

“This is such a great way to get people out and get them moving with a really supportive fun group of people, you know during the winter it can be tough to get out,” Croiser said.

She said Ultimate Frisbee is not only free and open to people of any age or experience levels, but a great day to stay active in the winter.

“Exercising is a natural energy booster, it’s a natural mood booster it helps fight off depression anxiety,” Croiser said. “And that is one thing I love about Ultimate Frisbee is not only are you getting out moving your body but you know people are going to be there to keep you accountable and when you have a team sport like this it becomes so much more welcoming and fun and it makes it easier to make physical activity a regular part of your day.”

Croiser said they will plan accordingly to organize more games and wants to let people know Active Southern West Virginia will always welcome people for their activities come rain or shine.

“The Ultimate Frisbee crew is pretty tough and when we say we will be out we’ll be out playing. If there is only three of us we will make it a fun time,” Croiser said.

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