Thursday morning will once again be a soggy start as moderate showers push through just in time for the morning commute. This time, it’s a warm rain as temps push the 60 degree mark by dawn. Showers will exit quickly with many enjoying mostly cloudy skies by mid-morning. More sunshine for the afternoon will help temps push into the low to to mid 70s for most however, south and west will flirt with the 80 degree mark, more towards Boone and Logan county, but still. Down right HOT by February standards.

Friday that cold front from Thursday will certainly be felt today as colder air rushes in from the northwest. Expect breezy conditions but this time, the kind that stings a bit. Morning temps only in the 30s with afternoon highs only expected to reach the upper 40s with wind chill values cooler still. At least we’re talking sunshine instead of a cold rain as our silver lining for the day.

Saturday our next rain maker will push into the region. However, early morning some in the higher elevations may see freezing rain before transitioning over to rain by mid morning. This will solely be for the mountain tops as most of us will see ground temps much too warm to see any issues from it. Rain continues for the afternoon in a scattered fashion. Good umbrella day even if we do see a few breaks between showers. Highs still cooler but average in the mid 40s.

Sunday is another soggy day with widespread showers as temps work their way into the upper 50s. The mountains will be a bit cooler with many towards the east struggling to reach the low 50s. Showers will continue through Monday morning. Some ditches along roads and low-lying areas may begin to have issues. We’ll keep a close eye on rain totals over the week to fine tune this for us.

Monday will start with temps in the upper 30s and a few left over sprinkles. A few dry hours in the morning will help with late morning travelers but showers will return by the late afternoon for the drive home. Highs are still mild in the upper 50s as some sunshine helps us out. As clouds continue to build in, showers become more widespread Monday night into our Tuesday.

Tuesday showers early will tapper off with mostly cloudy skies for the mid-morning. The soggy start to the day dries out nicely for the afternoon as sunshine returns to help us into the low 50s. By the evening hours, mostly clear skies will allow us to cool quickly after sunset with lows back into the 30s.

In your extended forecast, the mild and muddy winter continues with no real sign of a big cool down just yet. But remember, that cold can return at any time as we really don’t see our average highs getting out of the 40s until the end of March and freezes still possible through April into May. Just in case eager gardeners are thinking of getting a jump start. Best to wait.

Very warm, showers building in. Highs in the low 70s.

Cooler but sunny. Highs in the mid 40s.

Showers return, slightly warmer. Highs in the 50s.

More rain, little warmer. Highs in the mid 50s.

Showers off and on. Some dry hours. Highs in the 60s.

Showers begin to fade. Some sunshine. Highs in the 50s.

Sunny and nice. Highs in the 50s.
Showers return. Highs in the 50s.
Few showers, some sun. Highs in the upper 40s.