GREENBRIER COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — A groundbreaking program in the Mountain state moves to the next phase.

Ascend West Virginia announced a second class for its program to ramp up its effort to bring in workers.

The newest class allows for those who want to work remotely to do so in the Greenbrier Valley area. The first class for the area brought in 33 people and their families from across the country. More than 80% of those in the program are from out of state, while there are those who came home with a better understanding of what it offers.

“Making the effort to recognize people because they are going to recognize you when you walk down, there is a true sense of community which I didn’t know was lacking until I got back,” said Andrew Neely, an Ascend WV Class member and original native of the state.

Class members said they already fell in love with the nature, outdoor activities, and friendly atmosphere the Greenbrier Valley offers.