BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — A team of nurses and staff lined the hallway to cheer on a patient that is being discharged.

Administrators at Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital released their second patient who recovered from COVID-19. Rocco Massey is the Community CEO of the hospital.

“God has truly blessed us today,” Massey said.

Nicole Asbury is a nurse in the ICU who was with this patient every step of the way.

“We prayed together before we intubated him and I saw him after he as extubated. It was very personal for me,” Asbury explained.

With a virus that takes so much from the people it infects, Asbury was happy to see the positive outcome for her first COVID-19 patient.

“Amazing. He’ll be able to go back to work, to be with his family. It’s just amazing to be able to see that,” Asbury explained.

Massey said the team of nurses and staff, the third floor ICU and X-ray team, who cared for this patient, are the reason why they can celebrate.

“I couldn’t say enough about how proud I am of our staff and our doctors. As I’ve told many people, he had the A-team working for him,” Massey said.

“I like to think so, but I’m bias. I see them work the bedside everyday and it’s amazing the things we can do together,” said Asbury.

The team of nurses and staff helped save this man’s life, but it was his fight to overcome.

“But he was a fighter. We’re getting to see the benefits of that today as he goes right home to be with his family,” said Massey.