BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– Families in Beckley are asking the city to help pave their street, but the city hasn’t given a green light. People who live along Ward 1’s Stifler Drive in Beckley say their road is hurting their quality of life and potentially their safety. They’ve asked Cody Reedy and Tom Sopher, two members of the Beckley Common Council, for help.

“The families down there have come to city council several times,” said Ward 1 Councilman Tom Sopher. “They’ve made complaints about the road conditions and the fact that it’s kind of dark down there so they would like a street light. From the city’s point of view, they are in the city limits. But the road itself is not a part of our road system. And before it can be brought into the city’s road system, it has to be brought up to certain standards.”

The four families who live at Stifler say they’re willing to help pay for upgrades. They say, kids can’t ride bikes, the street is dark, and neighbors say the road is so bad in the winter, they’re afraid an ambulance could get trapped. They also have problems with flooding.

Under state law, the city may be able to help with stormwater. But getting help for lights and paving is hitting a roadblock.

“Far as the street goes, I wish I had a definite answer today,” said Beckley Mayor Ron Rappold. “Again, anybody with any compassion would like to see that street brought up to city specifications, such that the city could take care of it in the winter, they could patch it when potholes developed, etc, but right now, that’s a very gray issue right now.”

The two council members and Mayor Rappold say they’re looking for a way to solve the problem, but it will have to be done in a way that meets city and state laws about how public funds are spent.