BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) — Boasting over one million lights, a giant Christmas tree, and decorations covering much of the city, Bluefield West Virginia holds the title of West Virginia’s “Christmas City. “

Bluefield City Ambassador Marie Blackwell, said the city is so alive right now with all the decorations, events, and holiday cheer surrounding the town.

Blackwell said during the holidays, the city looks like it belongs in a Hallmark movie. She added even though this year was different than past years, the title of “Christmas City” is staying in Bluefield.

“We have beautiful decorations here. We have the Holiday of Lights. We now have the tree, the big tree down there at the Tailyard. And we have great people, I mean you know welcoming people and there’s just the decorations on the poles throughout the city. It just is a warm fuzzy feelings,” said Blackwell.

Blackwell said the name stuck and they’ve been rolling with it ever since. If you haven’t seen the Holiday of Lights, or checked out the massive Christmas tree downtown, Blackwell said it’s a must do before the holiday season ends.