BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS)– Soon, you will be able to call Bluefield State College a new name: Bluefield State University.

At a press conference held Wednesday morning, administrators with the College announced numerous events for their University Celebration Week.

Robin Capehart, President of the College said new growth happening at Big Blue led to the ability to apply for University status.

“Look at everything we’ve done in the last year and you think wow we’ve had a good year but the heavy lifting has still yet to come because we really want to truly elevate ourselves to a university of prominence, to one that’s a destination for people from all over the region,” Capehart said.

Capehart said one of the requirements was the addition of their new Master’s of Business Administration Program.

Deirdre Guyton, the Director of Alumni Affairs said she’s an alumnus herself and is excited for the change taking place.

She said after the name change, students, facility and staff will have a new set of expectations to follow.

“It’s a heightened expectation for everybody here. As I just said, we all have to step up and do better and become best at what we do here at Bluefield State. And I think we’re all up for the challenge,” Guyton said.

Capehart said the University Celebration Week is filled with activities from Monday, June 27 to Thursday, June 30, 2022.

“It’s gonna be a big, big celebration that’s going to be in the parking lot at the medical education center which is the formerly Bluefield Regional Hospital it’ll be in the parking lot there. At midnight, we’ll have a huge fireworks display that’s happening and afterward, we’ll have a free midnight breakfast for those who can manage to stay awake that long,” Capehart said.