FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS)– Kobe Asian Fusion, a sushi restaurant in Fayetteville, offers “pearls” that turn ordinary iced tea into a cool treat that takes an extra-wide straw.

Owner Justin Morris said on Monday, Aug. 8, 2022, that since he brought boba tea, also called “bubble tea,” to his restaurant near the New River Gorge, locals and tourists have been dropping in to “build their own” tea. Customers select the type of tea, its flavors and extras like flavored cold foam. The final ingredient transforms the drink into “bubble” or “boba” tea.

“So what makes it a boba is, it has tapioca pearls,” said Morris. “And those are kind of chewy’ and you have a big straw, and you suck them up through your straw.

“And they’re chewy or you can do a popping pearl that’s full of syrup and pops.”

The tapioca “pearls” are boiled at the restaurant. The “popping” pearls are filled with flavored syrups.

According to the menu, it is proper to “mix” pearls.

Kobe is at 100 Town Center Road. More information is available by calling 304-574-0131.