COLUMBUS, OH (WBNS) — 10TV has obtained police body camera footage of a drug arrest where a Columbus police officer had to be administered Narcan.

The video shows an officer questioning a suspect about what his partner might have touched.

Officer: What is that? What is that that you have? No, No, No, what is that that you have in the car?
Suspect: She called it ICE, I swear to God that’s what she called it.
Officer: Is there Fentanyl in it?
Suspect: Not that I know of.
Officer: OK, well we have an officer having an effect right now.

Immediately after that, the officer sprang into action. He and another officer opened up their field kits, getting the Narcan ready.

Narcan is squirted into the nose and is normally used to save someone who has overdosed. In this case, it was used as a precaution in case the officer was exposed to a deadly drug.