FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS)– One of the Mountain State’s most treasured and anticipated traditions finally returns after a two-year hiatus and it’s the biggest year in the event’s history.

Bridge Day is back! The event was canceled the last two years due to COVID-19 but returns this year in a historic way. The New River Gorge is now designated a National Park, and base jumping is illegal in national parks. But for one day only, the state of West Virginia is granted a permit to legally allow base jumping in a national park.

Tim Naylor with the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce said this is a major deal for the Mountain State.

“It’s a very different event, the first one in a national park. And you know, base jumping as a whole is not allowed in national parks but we are allowed through paperwork, we’re allowed for a one-day event where we can let people base jump in a national park which is kind of a big deal for those entrenched into that sport,” said Naylor.

Something new this year – a bus ramp jump called Camp Royal at the entrance of the bridge. A clear bag policy is also in place this year for the first time ever.

Bridge Day is October 15th and as always, is free to attend.