BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — Students in Bluefield State College’s LPN to RN program will have an easier time paying for school. Thanks to the WV Nurse Expansion Grant, all students received a $2,500 stipend going towards tuition.

Two students, Paquita Martin and Christa Hall, said they are grateful for the stipend as it has helped them attend school with less stress.

“I have to pay out of pocket,” Martin said. “I can no longer receive financial aid due to passing my hours from previous college and I only had to pay may 280 dollars out of pocket.”

“It’s helped a lot,” Hall said. “I don’t have to work as much, I can take time off to study, and can help the kids with whatever they need to do.”

Martin said she plans to go into Oncology for her grandmother who was diagnosed with breast cancer when Martin was younger. Hall, a single mother, said she would like to go into OB, Labor and Delivery.