HINTON, WV (WVNS) — Just about everybody likes to hear “thank you.” That’s true for our first responders, those men and women in uniform who get called out when there’s an emergency.

Keith’s Mowers and More in Hinton did more than say, “thanks” to first responders on Friday. Kate Dillon and Keith Dillon treated police officers, firefighters, EMS workers and others to a free lunch.

“We got some jalapeno cheddar brats, some bacon cheddar brats, some cheeseburgers for our first responders,” said Kate. “Just wanted to say thank you to the community of our first responders that we have.”

First responders dropped by the small engine repair shop to grab lunch.

“I feel like a lot of our community members forget about our first responders,” said Nick Crewey of Summers County EMS. “Keith is doing a fantastic thing here, today.”

“Not just for EMS but for law enforcement, fire service and the county. It’s greatly appreciated,” he added. “We don’t see a lot of it.”

Kate added another local business, RT Rogers Oil, sent over dessert. Keith said it is important to let first responders know that they’re appreciated.

“If you need them, they’re going to be there,” said Keith. “ So, I guess you need to be there for them.”

Kate kept the grill fired up, even as temperatures climbed.

“Just wanted to say thank you, that they’re appreciated, that this county is Summers County strong over and over and we’re glad to be here,” she explained. “We’ve only been here a year and a half, and we’re excited that we’re part of the community, and we just want to say thank to them.”