CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) – West Virginia’s Unclaimed Property Division returned nearly $5.3 million worth of funds to individuals, businesses and other organizations during last month.

The returns of September 2022 are the highest monthly returns paid out by the program in its history. State Treasurer Riley Moore made the announcement of the historic funding from his Office October 11, 2022.

“This is a truly remarkable achievement and an incredible economic boost to our state. With the recent launch of our West Virginia Cash Now program, combined with the tireless efforts of our staff, more people than ever before are being reconnected with their lost funds. I want to thank our state Legislature for passing the bill modernizing our Unclaimed Property laws and creating the Cash Now program, and also commend our Unclaimed Property staff for the tremendous work they do each day to ensure West Virginians are reunited with their money,”

State Treasurer Riley Moore

The Unclaimed Property Division paid out 9,640 claims during September, with a total return of $5,282,973. The bulk of that consisted of the $4,244,379 worth of claims processed through the newly launched West Virginia Cash Now program, which automatically returns some types of properties to their rightful owners.

The remaining $1,038,594 paid out during the month was given through traditional office claims.

The record monthly total from September follows the record $18.6 million in unclaimed property returned during the last fiscal year that ended June 30. It was the highest yearly total paid out by the program. Treasurer Moore said he and his Office are committed to returning more and more unclaimed property to its rightful owners.

“The record total of nearly $5.3 million paid out by our Office this past month is a remarkable achievement, but I hope it’s only the beginning. With inflation still eating into peoples’ wallets, we need to make sure West Virginia families have access to every dollar they are owed. That’s why we’re going to keep working hard to encourage folks to visit our website and check and see if we have any money in their name available to claim.”

State Treasurer Riley Moore

Treasurer Moore said his Office has more than $300 million in unclaimed property listings for individuals, businesses and other organizations. He encourages everyone to visit today to search and see if they have funds to claim.