BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS)–As we head into Election day, last-minute campaigning could make or break a campaign.

The race for the 37th District of the West Virginia House of Delegates is happening in parts of Mercer County. It’s between Delegate Marty Gearheart (R) and opponent Skip Crane (D).

Both Gearheart and Crane say they have been campaigning last minute before the polls open on Election Day.

“In the House of Delegate race, typically my campaigning is door to door. I really like to knock on doors and to engage with people personally. I’ve done almost 4,000 doors this campaign season so hopefully, we’ll get another 100 or 125 in this evening,” Gearheart said.

“My opponent has been great we’ve not had a crossword. When we see each other, we shake each other’s hands, we’re friends, that’s how political things should be and I’m very proud of my opponent Marty Gearheart who ran a clean campaign as I did,” Crane said.

Gearheart and Crane advocated for what points make them the right choice for Delegate.

“I run on conservative principles of lower taxes and controlled spending, on personal freedom, I run on life in general, I run on second amendment rights. Many of the things I think West Virginians hold dear and resulted to my election in the past,” Gearheart said.

“I’m happy to do it I want to serve, I love to serve I’m not a politician, I’m a public servant. I’m big on tourism ATVs go crazy down here. Bluefield is exploding, there’s a lot of good things happening here and I want to be a part of it,” Crane said.