CBD, extracted from cannabis plant, can help with anxiety


Over the last several years, legislators have worked to deregulate industrial hemp. During this time, hemp-based products such as Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, increased in popularity.

The 2014 Farm Bill drastically changed the agricultural landscape by protecting hemp research. Then the 2018 Farm Bill came along and expanded those efforts by reducing restrictions on the buying and selling of hemp-based products.

CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. However, CBD is different than THC and it does not make you feel intoxicated. CBD comes in many different forms and can be used to help reduce anxiety and improve other conditions. 

In 2015, the National Institutes of Health published a study that showed CBD was successful in treating anxiety disorders and stated there is a need to further study its effectiveness. 

The American Psychiatric Association reports that anxiety is on the rise across America and in 2018, 39 percent of the population felt more anxious than the year before.

Therapists say there is a multitude of reasons anxiety is increasing nationwide. 

“There’s increasing healthcare costs, there’s increasing college tuition costs, there’s increasing housing costs and salaries have stayed stagnant,” said Valley Health therapist Molly Tahmaseb, LCSW.

Jumanah Khader is a licensed massage therapist who starting using CBD lotion to help patients who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety. 

“So, once I presented the CBD to my patients and they began taking it, they noticed significant differences in how they were feeling,” said Khader.

Susan DiLandro is one of Khader’s patients and she suffers from fibromyalgia and anxiety. Within days, she saw a drastic change.

“I had gotten up and I literally had no pain for the first time in 15 years,” said Susan DiLandro. 

One of the most common forms of CBD is oil, which can be purchased online at sites like Crush Global or at local vape shops like Vaporzz in Winchester, Va. Directions state to put the oil under your tongue as needed.

Susan DiLandro and her husband Scott DiLandro are distributors for Crush Global and she takes the oil every day along with her regular CBD massages.

Marlana Shuman is a Vaporzz customer who has generalized anxiety. She uses CBD as an alternative to prescription pills. 

“Dealing with harder things with prescriptions in my past has led me to stay from stuff like that, and dealing with people that said they needed these prescriptions and abuse them. So I thought, ‘Hey, a natural form of this, alright!” and I gave it a shot,” said Shuman.

Wendy Sosa also purchases CBD from Vaporzz. She was diagnosed with epilepsy, and she says CBD has helped improve her brain condition and her anxiety. 

“It was able to calm down the seizures. Partial seizures and full seizures, they were all just completely gone for a while. When I wouldn’t take the oil, I would feel partials coming back,” said Sosa.

While most doctors cannot recommend CBD or prescribe it, experts say you should still consult them when taking it. 

“It is something that is a heavy topic of research right now, but it hasn’t been researched for long enough for a lot of providers to really be able to wrap their heads around it or start to provide it, especially here in Virginia,” says Tahmaseb.

CBD can now also be given to your pets, and many pet stores across the country have started to carry it.

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