BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Following Betty White’s death, humane societies across the country turned to social media and encouraged donations in honor of her 100th birthday to recognize the work she did for Humane Societies across the country.

Jamie Fondale accepted the challenge. She hosted a Facebook Live baking show with her occupational therapist and decided to use her baking skills to help the Humane Society of Raleigh County.

“We knew about the Betty White challenge and we said, you know, this time we are going to sell our cupcakes for $2 and Jamie was able to raise $225 through her cupcake sales and private donations,” Gina Fondale, Jamie’s mother, said.

The Humane Society raised approximately $5,000 from the Betty White Challenge. That money will go towards the spaying and neutering of forty animals at the shelter.

“One thing that is super important to us here is that any animal that we adopt out is spayed or neutered before they are allowed to go home and that is mostly just to combat overpopulation issues in the area,” Social Outreach Coordinator Alexis Johnston said.

Fondale said they adopted their dog Sophie from the Humane Society and wanted to give back to the organization for their work during the adoption process.

“Just to give to such a worthy cause and to help and show support to Jamie that was just absolutely wonderful,” Fondale said.

“It feels good,” Jamie Fondale said.