PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) – It’s tax season again and there might be some changes to what you’re filing for this year.

Tax Specialist Mark Patton of Patton’s Tax Service in Princeton, said he’s seen two major issues come up on his clients’ taxes this year. Patton said the child tax credit, and economic impact payments are the two things most people are asking him for help with.

He also said the IRS is taking a stricter look at which tax credits people are claiming.

“They’re doing more security stuff,” said Patton. “Making sure that everybody’s getting the credits they deserve. They’re really looking into the child tax credit and the earned income credit to make sure everybody qualifies for them. That’s the biggest ones I see that are getting delayed is if you have those two credits.”

Patton recommends seeing a tax specialist and getting your taxes taken care of as early as possible. Especially if you received the child tax credit.