Lewisburg, W.V. (WVNS) – Lewisburg hosted its 14th annual chocolate festival today.

Snow and cold weather couldn’t stop the sweetest day of the year in Lewisburg, as the chocolate festival made its highly anticipated return.

All money raised from the festival goes to the United Way of the Greenbrier Valley which serves Greenbrier, Monroe and Pocahontas counties. Executive director Erica Vaughan said getting the festival up and running again after canceling the past two years is great news for the United Way.

“The Chocolate Festival, you know we’ve been out a couple years, it’s been a crazy world for the past couple years but we are back,” said Vaughan. “We are ready to rebuild this festival we’re ready to welcome everyone here. We have people visiting from 11 different states.”

In addition to raising money for the United Way, the chocolate festival also doubles as a major tourist attraction for Lewisburg, helping local businesses get customers in the door. And chocolate enthusiasts like Kim Beavers and her crew go all-out to make sure they hit every store and sample everything the festival has to offer.

“We’ve been coming here for a couple years with my group of friends here and it’s a time for us to get together, enjoy, shop the shops and take a taste of downtown Lewisburg,” said Beavers.

And when it came to the chocolate, attendees were spoiled for choice. Chocolate makers came from all over to share their chocolate martinis, chocolate bread puddings, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and even chocolate flavored beer. A bourbon-barrel aged chocolate stout, in fact, that I just had to ask about.

“Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company is here at The Irish Pub with our bourbon-barrel aged stout, using smooth antler barrels, and we’ve chocolated it just for the event,” said Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company Lead Brewer Kandyce Kirk.