BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS)–Community residents took time out of their day to clean up a city that means so much to them.

Residents in Bluefield spent their morning on Friday, April 15, 2022, out in the community to help clean up their city.

Different organizations and groups including Bluefield High School, Bluefield State College, and the City Public Works Department tackled areas with trash bags, litter pick-up sticks, and law enforcement providing safety measures. Four Seasons Recovery Point, which is a long-term men’s recovery center, partnered with the city to help clean the sidewalks and streets.

Mark Chapman, a volunteer with Recovery Point said he wants to be a part of the solution, rather than the problem.

“My personal experience, I don’t really like going to places that are dirty. And Bluefield is a beautiful city, small town, small city,” Chapman said.

Volunteer, Amy Marson, said she was wary of coming out because of the cold weather but decided it was more therapeutic than not doing anything at all. Marson said appearances are everything when it comes to welcoming tourists to a clean city.

“First impressions are everything, right. So when you drive in and see that there’s pride taken in the community and love put into it, it makes you want to stay then you leave and you talk about it and hopefully, more people come,” Marson said.

But with all of the trash Bluefield Fire Department Chief Chad Bailey and his crew picked up, he said there’s a bigger meaning, especially for his department.

“There’s a lot of mulch out, there’s a lot of trash laying in the mulch. That’s what we’re trying to get picked up, there’s tires laying out. If that stuff catches on fire because of a brushfire or cigarette butt or something like that, then that’s just harmful contaminants in the area and in the community. So we don’t want that, so we’re just out here today doing what we can to clean all that up,” Bailey said.