BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)–Two Beckley residents are pleading with the local government for help and advocating for those still without water.

Elaina Hurley, who is part of the Raleigh County NAACP, and Pamela Garrison, tri-chair of the West Virginia Poor People’s Campaign met for an interview to tell legislators they need help.

“So, now we have problems where people aren’t eating because they can’t cook, laundry, bathing, these are just some of the multitude of problems how residents have been impacted by the water crisis,” Hurley said.

Garrison claimed the privately-owned Beckley Water Company needs significant upgrades to provide better access to water.

“They take all the profits and put nothing back into the systems and to where they’re so dilapidated we need more than just roads in West Virginia, we need more infrastructure,” Garrison said.

Hurley said a coalition with Garrison and other community members created a hotline for residents to call and tell them what needs they need met.

“The purpose of this is for them to leave their name, their number and their address and their crisis that they’re in or what their needs are o that we can collect data to show the still multitude numbers of people suffering from the water crisis,” Hurley said.

The number people can contact is 304-207-0676.