BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)–When gas prices skyrocket, bikes are an option for some people. But in many areas, that means changes are needed. A community advocate in Beckley says the State Roads Department can take steps to make it easier and safer for bikers.

Danielle Stewart said sidewalks in the city need to be repaired, drains covered and sidewalks widened to make them safe for cyclists and pedestrians. She added current state law makes it too difficult for property owners to repair sidewalks in front of their businesses.

Bikers follow the same traffic rules as cars, but Stewart said there can be more done to make the situation safer for everyone.

“For the most part it’s state issues, it’s the state roads, South Kanawha, Fayette, Johnstown, where there’s room to put bike lanes but the state has said no we’re not going to do it,” said Danielle Stewart.

For cyclists, it’s important to remember if you are riding on the street, you must follow all of the same traffic laws on a bike as you would driving a car. Beckley Police also reminded people that helmets are legally required for bike riders under the age of 15.