BLUEFIELD, VA (WVNS) — Last Saturday, Dontae Miller was killed in a car crash in Monroe County. 

Miller was from Clifton Forge, Virginia and was a student at Bluefield University.

He was heavily involved in campus activities. He was not only a student, but a member of the wrestling team and a member of the campus ministries program. 

Miller’s presence was especially impactful during the awareness for childhood cancer event at Bluefield University.

Joshua Cline, Vice President of Advancement with Bluefield University, says Miller’s willingness to step up inspired others.

“Even most recently we did some awareness for childhood cancer and he was one of the first ones to step up and shave his head in kind of recognition for that and inspired some of his teammates to do the same. He was a bright light that was just taken away from us too quickly,” said Cline.

One of Bluefield University’s main goals as students mourn the loss of Miller is to provide support. The student development team and campus ministries team are both there for students during this period of grief.

Cline says this support for students is a vital part of campus life – especially during times of mourning.

“Being able to know that support is there both today, and tomorrow, and two weeks from now, and a year from now from our student development team and also our campus ministries team is really an important part about being at Bluefield and I think that’s important for students because they know there’s someone they can call so they don’t have to question whether that’s available to them. It’s something we’ll continue to provide in this tough time,” said Cline to 59News.

Miller’s impact is felt all across campus as a student, athlete, and role model, and will last for years to come.