ATHENS, WV (WVNS) – Nowadays, many students choose the medical career path, and Concord University now offers a Nursing Program for those who are interested. 

Concord University’s Nursing Program was established recently, but it has gained major traction since its launch. 

The nursing program offers three different pathways.

Concord is equipped with high-end technology to assist students in learning in all of these paths.

From inserting medicine into IVs to gaining experience in an immersion room, Concord University is working to provide the best resources they can to their new nursing students. 

They even have life-like human models students can work with.

Michele Holt, Director of Nursing for Concord University, says the freshness of this program is vital.

“Most programs have the same curriculum for decades. We were able to build all three curriculums from the ground up. Of course, we have the same classes and curriculum that’s needed to successfully pass the NCLEX, but we also have that and then some” said Holt.

Workers are needed everywhere in the medical field and nursing is one job that frequently piques people’s interest.

Funding has made the program’s success possible, and it is only looking up from here.

Holt describes her feelings about being a part of the program.

“I’m just very proud to be here with Concord University. It’s a great university with a great student body. We’re very fortunate that we had the money that we had to start up these programs. So, we’re very grateful for that” said Holt to 59News.

Although many schools have nursing programs, Concord University hopes this program will lead their students to success after an education with ample resources at their disposal.