BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Cosplay actors have exploded in popularity over the years with many turning their hobby into prosperous careers on social media, at conventions, and even films.

The art of cosplay can be alien for some while others see it as an outlet for good. No matter your position, cosplay is an expression of one’s passion — no different then wearing a t-shirt of an organization you support.

Whether a beginner or expert cosplayer, the community is one of acceptance with a pure joy to see the creativity from others that may share the same passion as Tennessee Frost said, “I feel like I can just go around, people ask to take pictures of me or, like, fist bump me. I just feel like I belong here.”

A cosplayer dressed as Izuku Midoriya said, “You get to meet a lot of friends and cool people. Like I’ve made great friends. I’ve met someone who I’m dating right now here. It’s it’s just really fun, honestly.”

From simple costumes to handmade master pieces, all were on display at Causeacon this weekend. But the biggest moment for cosplayers was the cosplay contest held Saturday. A friendly competition with cash prizes, trophies, and of course bragging rights via con ribbons.

Cosplayers were broken up into four categories: kids, beginners, expert, and props. As judges announced the winners from 3rd place to 1st, the crowd erupted into cheers. A true showing of the passion this community has. The winners of the 2023 Causeacon Cosplay Contest were:


1st Place – Azelea Sabo as Glam Roxy, “Five Night’s at Freddy’s”

2nd Place – Bailey Richmond as Jinx, “Arcane”

3rd place – Theoden Harmon as Michael Afton, “Five Night’s At Freddy’s”


1st Place – Madison Lootsy – Nezuko’s Box & Muzzle from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba”

2nd Place – Jacob Sabo – Fusion Sword from “Final Fantasy” (award accepted by his mother)

3rd Place – Kenneth Weaver – Oogie Boogie Dice from “Disney: Mirror Verse”


1st Place – Emma Massie as Shrimp the “Manokit”

2nd Place – Cherry Wolfgang as Genderbend Cardinal Copia from “The Gand Ghost”

3rd Place – Caitlyn Carroll as Tiny Tina from “Tiny Tina Wonderland”

1st Place – Amanda Er-skine as Cara Dune from “The Mandalorian”

2nd Place – Matthew DeLayno as Noah from “Xenoblade Chronicles 3”

3rd Place – Sam Delpapa as Hangee Zoey from “Attack on Titan”

BEST IN SHOW (Staff Pick)

Trerese Waldron as Lady Clementine from “Overlord: Season 1”

For Best in Show winner Trerese Waldron who is also a local school teacher, the art of cosplay has a deeper meaning than entertainment value.

“This is my second win! And I work really hard for my costume, and I hope I inspire a lot of my students.” Waldron also added, “…I know there are kids where I work that like animation and they don’t have anybody to support them. So they gravitate towards me and I help them with some of their planning when I have free time.”

The running theme from cosplayers at this year’s Causeacon was anyone interested in getting started should simply attend a con and ask. Cosplayers love showing off their craft, trading secrets, and helping one another.