DANIELS, WV (WVNS) — The COVID-19 pandemic left people scrambling to find new and exciting ways to entertain themselves while stuck indoors. Two couples in our area tell us they found each other.

Vivian Hall and her boyfriend Mason started dating at the beginning of the pandemic. Hall said she wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time, but their moms had other plans for them.

“They came over and played cards, they usually go out on the weekends but during COVID, they just went to each others house to play cards and other stuff,” Hall said. “They invited Mason over and when I got off work, he was there.”

A set up that proved to be successful.

Hall said their relationship started out “the old fashioned way” with walks in the park, swimming, and other outdoor activities. She said developing a relationship during the pandemic was challenging, but fun, forcing them to be more creative than normal.

For Katelyne Fry and Jim Monroe, the COVID-19 pandemic intensified their relationship.

“Because of the pandemic, there’s no way in any other scenario that we would’ve spent as much time together as we did,” Monroe said. “It really greatly accelerated what we were doing. I feel we really live a very expanded life together and I can’t imagine anything being more amazing than what Kate is.”

The pair met in Charleston and within months, moved in together. 

Fry said the two have plenty in common. She said they do everything 100 percent or not at all. Monroe said the pair shared a surreal romance that lead to their engagement just over the weekend.

“We both are extremists. We’re both spontaneous, type A, same mindset,” Fry said. “But, we’re also best friends and I think that’s very important in a relationship that you have a friendship, not just a relationship.”

Proving that not even a global pandemic can stop the power of love.