APPALACHIA, WV, KY, VA (WVNS) – Every other Tuesday at Midnight, we bring you the most notorious, most unknown, and the deepest crime cases that Appalachia has to offer.

The fifteenth episode of Crime In The Coalfields, touching on the case of 75-year-old David Fann’s mysterious stabbing at Stephen’s Lake is available right now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and here on our website.

A murder in 2016 resulted in a body found at Lake Stephens. The body was David Fann, found stabbed to death after a routine day. However the day after being discovered, the crime scene was forever destroyed. The thousand-year-flood happened. It washed away homes, lives, and any chance of finding the killer of David Fann.

Despite the thousand-year flood washing away any physical evidence that might have existed, law enforcement continued with the case. They tried their best to piece together David Fann’s day leading up to his death, and find out why he was found so far from where he was supposed to be.

David Fann was stabbed to death at Lake Stephens, his car was less than a hundred meters away, and he was never supposed to have been there. The case remains an open one, and possibly with no closure in sight.

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