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The twenty-third episode of Crime In The Coalfields and the final episode of season 1, centered around the notorious West Virginia University Coed Murders, is available right now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and here on our website.

In the final episode of Crime in the Coalfields Season 1, we take on a case that has aspects of a cold case, a serial killing, and the paranormal. The WVU Coed Murders were committed over 52 years ago, and the case is a deep and storied one. Tackled already by books and podcasts, this case is known by some in the Northern part of the state. This case is full of twists and the full extent of it can barely be done justice in one episode. Regardless, we bring you the case of two girls murdered on WVU’s campus in 1970 for the finale of 2022.

On January 18, 1970, two West Virginia University freshmen students—Mared Malarik and Karen Ferrell—left a screening of the play Oliver! at the Metropolitan Theater in downtown Morgantown. They got into a cream-colored sedan, hoping that they could hitch a ride back to campus. That night was the last time the two would be seen alive. In April, their decapitated and decomposing bodies were found in makeshift graves in a wooded area 10 miles south of Morgantown. The two had been murdered in cold blood.

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