LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — One family in Greenbrier County is still waiting for answers about the death of their daughter.

Edward Smith-Allen is accused of shooting and killing Alaisia Smith at Dorie Miller Park in Lewisburg in June 2019. He was charged with First Degree Murder after he was arrested in Ohio.

Smith-Allen’s trial was originally scheduled for December 2021 was cancelled because Smith-Allen agreed to negotiate a plea deal rather than continue to trial. During his plea hearing on December 10, 2021, he pleaded guilty to Wanton Endangerment Involving a Firearm and pleaded no contest to Voluntary Manslaughter.

The Judge delayed a final decision on the plea agreement until 2022.

The mother of the victim said she wants Smith-Allen to stand trial and see a higher charge than Voluntary Manslaughter in his sentencing.

“It is nothing short of a nightmare,” Denise Howard said. “It is something that we have to live with everyday, lots of sleepless nights, it has affected our family tremendously, it has caused us to pull away from each other or pull together. It has just been a roller-coaster of emotions that no one wants to go through.”

The Judge told the court they want to see a pre-sentencing report on Smith-Allen’s background and character before coming to a final decision.

The next plea hearing and potential sentencing will take place January 31, 2022.