The United States Marshals Service arrested a Monongalia County shooting suspect in Detroit on Wednesday.

U.S. Marshals arrested Imani “Trump” Cody, of Detroit, Michigan, in Detroit on Wednesday, January 16 around 5:00 p.m. Marshals said that Cody was wanted by the Morgantown Police Department and Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department for two separate shooting incidents within Monongalia County.

Morgantown deputies said that Cody allegedly shot Derrick Hamlet, 24, of Morgantown at a home on Brockway Avenue in Morgantown on December 12, 2018. Deputies said that Hamlet was treated at the hospital and was reported to be in stable condition.

Deputies also believe Cody to be the suspect in a December 9 shooting at the Marjorie Gardens Apartment Complex in Morgantown. No injuries were reported from that incident, according to law enforcement

According to Marshals, Cody’s arrest in Detroit took place as he attempted to enter a vehicle. Marshals said that Cody attempted to flee from the vehicle when Marshals approached but was subdued before he could flee. Marshals also said that Cody continued to resist arrest as Marshals handcuffed him on the ground.

According to Marshals, Cody has been charged with attempted murder and wanton endangerment. Cody will appear in a Wayne County (Detroit) court for extradition proceedings before returning to Monongalia County to face his charges, Marshals said.