BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — A Raleigh County man is facing multiple charges after a small string of crimes that spanned three days.

On April 23, 2023, Officer Parker with the Beckley Police Department was dispatched to BAR-H Hospital after receiving a call stating a patient was out of control and aggressive. Upon arriving on the scene the patient, Ryan Bayne-Durgan ran from the ambulance and began to run into the hospital screaming and yelling.

Within the ER, Durgan was instructed to lower his voice from a disturbing tone and then proceeded to jump over the nurse’s station window demanding a phone call. Durgan was removed from the nurse’s station and as Officer Parker attempted to calm him, Durgan lunged at him in a way that made the officer feel threatened. Durgan was restrained with hospital equipment, per the hospital’s orders, and was charged with Assault on a Law-Enforcement Officer and Disorderly Conduct.

Three days later on April 26, 2023, Officer Parker was dispatched to a home on Maplewood Lane after receiving a call of a man with a mental problem was acting disorderly. Upon arriving to the home a bystander expressed to Officer Parker a man was in the home and he believed he had a gun. At this time, the man came to the doorway, along with the homeowner Ronnie Richmond, and was identified as Ryan Bayne-Durgan. Durgan appeared to be erratic and potentially delusional according to Officer Parker.

Officer Parker offered Durgan to sit in his car until other officers arrived to bring him in safely. Durgan walked with Officer Parker to his squad car which then Officer Parker says he believes Durgan hallucinated as he stated to Officer Parker, he “heard what he said” and then proceeded to run back to the home and begin kicking the front door. Officer Parker ordered Durgan to lay on the ground in which he did and another officer arrived to handcuff Durgan on the scene.

After speaking with Mr. Richmond, the homeowner, it was found that Richmond had hid a gun Durgan possessed during this time in fear Durgan might use it. Durgan was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person as he had a previous felony. A mugshot for Durgan is unavailable at this time.