(WTRF) A West Virginia man was in court on Monday for his sentencing after he pled guilty to a felony offense of cruelty to animals.

Ronald J. Sebeck of Wellsburg, West Virginia, shot and killed his neighbors dog in September 2022 and threw the family dog, Poppy, over a hill.


On Monday Judge Wilson sentenced Sebeck to make five blessing boxes over the next 240 days, one every 60 days.

Sebeck was also told he must make sure the blessing boxes are filled with dog and other pet food.

The Brooke County animal shelter will decide where the boxes will be placed.

Also Judge Wilson said Sebeck must pay $3,000 in restitution to the family of Poppy by May 30, 2023.

Sebeck was also mandated to pay $200 to the animal shelter within 60 days.

Judge Wilson also ruled that Sebeck must be on house arrest for a year but will be allowed to work if he chooses to do so.

Sebeck is also prohibited from having weapons of any kind, including BB guns and pellet guns.

Sebeck is also ordered to have no contact with the family of Poppy.

Poppy’s owners say their beloved dog has left a big hole in their families hearts.

“Poppy’s not coming back. We can’t get her back. We just have to learn from what happened and move forward. You know the pets that we have, we’re taking extra precautions now, to make sure that they stay safe and nothing like this ever happens again. My big thing is I want my kids to feel safe at home. I want them to be able to go outside and play in their yard.”

Dr. Elizabeth Caruso & Family – Poppy’s Owners

If Sebeck does not comply he will have to serve a prison sentence that would be no less than 1 year and no more than five years.

A peaceful protest happened outside the courthouse for Poppy before Sebeck was sentenced.

Poppy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, only 1 1/2 years old, went missing on Sept. 29.

The family searched for the dog, but they were tipped off on Oct. 6 that Poppy was shot by Sebeck.

Officials say that Sebeck admitted to shooting her with a high-powered pellet gun and that he was drinking but didn’t know where Poppy was.

According to a necropsy report, Poppy died from force trauma.