(WTRF) A McMechen woman was arrested after she allegedly kidnapped her mother.

McMechen police say Jamie Kotson of McMechen kidnaped her mother, Barbra Livingston, also from McMechen, after Kotson brought Livingston to her boyfriend’s house at Maxell Acres in Moundsville.

Livingston told police that Kotson came to her house telling her that she was hiding from the police. As Livingston was getting ready for bed, Kotson allegedly attacked Livingston on the toilet by punching and pulling her.

Kotson allegedly forced Livingston to the basement, where Livingston attempted to call for help from her home phone but Livingston told police that Kotson knocked the phone out of her hands and struck her in the face with it.

The two went upstairs, where Livingston told police that Kotson demanded that she get all of Livingston’s money, car keys, and guns.

Livingston told police that Kotson stole $800-900 dollars and three guns.

Kotson then allegedly took Livingstone to the living room, where she duct taped her arms, feet, and mouth.

Livingson says Kotson threatened to kill her during the process and if she would say anything after she removed the duct tape from her mouth.

Kotson then allegedly took Livingston to her vehicle and drove to her house in McMechen on 2nd street, then traveled to Boggs Run, next back to 2nd street, then to Sheetz in Wheeling.

Kotson then called her boyfriend and took Livingston to the Maxwell Acres residence.

At the Moundsville residence, Kotson allegedly removed the tape off Livingston, poking her, and then drove off.

McMechen police say they went to Kotson’s home and found two firearms that Kotson stole from her mother with a roll of duct tape.

McMechen police say they then contacted OnStar to locate the vehicle.

OnStar was able to locate the vehicle passing John Marshall High School.

Police were able to stop the vehicle and arrest Koson near 21st McMechen without incident.

In the vehicle, police say they found $1,464, a knife, and two ammunition boxes.

Kotson is in the Northern Regional Jail on a $50,000 cash bond