WYOMING COUNTY, WV (WNVS) — A 47-year-old Wyoming County woman pleaded guilty to Grand Larceny.

On October 4, 2023, 47-year-old Michelle Mullins (Addington), of Matheny, WV pleaded guilty to Grand Larceny, which carries a sentence of one to ten years, or jail time for less than a year, and up to a $2,500 fine.

The case states Mullins stole multiple items of personal property from a house in the Matheny area of Wyoming County around November 11, 2021.

“Property crimes such as this directly affects the quality of life in Wyoming County. We will continue to seek felony convictions and prison sentences with the ultimate goal of improving livability in our county.”

Gregory Bishop | Wyoming County Prosecutor

Mullins’ sentencing hearing is scheduled for November 15, 2023.

Bishop thanks the work of Corporal Logan Cook and the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Derek Laxton and the prosecutor staff.