HANOVER, WV (WVNS)– A Wyoming County man is facing multiple charges after an alleged altercation with law enforcement.

According to the criminal complaint, on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, a deputy with the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to Pad Fork Road where he heard reports of a man running up and down the road, yelling for a gun. Before the deputy got on scene, another call came in reporting a man yelled that he cut a person.

Multiple witness statements said they thought Steven Woodlum was high on drugs. Woodlum allegedly threatened to kill multiple people closely involved in the situation. He also allegedly grabbed a knife from the kitchen, grabbed their dog, and threatened to kill it.

When the deputy arrived at the residence, the complaint said Woodlum stood in the doorway of the home. He saw a knife in Woodlum’s left front pocket and Woodlum allegedly reached for the knife and threw it to the ground.

When the deputy started to detain Woodlum he reportedly started to fight and attempted to run. According to the complaint, a taser was used on Woodlum before he was placed under arrest.

Woodlum is charged with brandishing a deadly weapon, battery on an officer, obstructing an officer, fleeing an officer, disruption of communication, and five counts of domestic assault. He was taken to the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department for processing.