FAYETTEVILLE WV (WVNS) – Deputy First Class Brian Fernandez of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department was congratulated today, both during the Governor’s Highway Safety Awards Program Banquet, and by the Sheriff’s Department via Facebook.

Fernandez was congratulated on several of his recent accomplishments. DFC Fernandez is a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). He has had extensive training in the recognition and detection of impaired individuals.

DFC Fernandez attended the Governor’s Highway Safety Program awards banquet today where he was recognized and awarded as the 3rd Top DRE in 2020 with 33 evaluations and the 2nd Top DRE in 2021 with 25 evaluations.

DFC Fernandez has assisted Fayette, Raleigh, and Nicholas County with his evaluations as well as Child Protective Services. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department congratulated DFC Fernandez for all his hard work keeping our roadways safe earlier in a Facebook post as well.